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Baylor Scott & White Health Plan (BSWHP) Interoperability APIs

Baylor Scott & White Health Plan (BSWHP) Interoperability APIs are developer-friendly, standards-based, secure APIs that enable third-party application vendors to connect their application programs to access BSWHP data.

BSWHP Interoperability APIs provide the functionality listed below:

Developers Portal

The BSWHP Interoperability API Developer Portal provides third-party applications and payers access to documentation, registration services, and developer services related to Healthcare Interoperability APIs provided by BSWHP, pursuant to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F). The Patient Access API will allow third-party applications to retrieve data, including but not limited to adjudicated claims, encounters, and any clinical data maintained by BSWHP for both past and present members.


BSWHP appreciates that your medical information is personal, and we are committed to helping you understand how to protect and secure your health information. Please review our privacy notice related to Interoperability and the use of third-party applications.

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